Friday, February 1, 2013

The Future Histories Project

The following entries focus on considerations of "future histories," or speculative considerations of how we will acknowledge and celebrate key ideas, art forms, and cultural figures in years to come. Typically, during the month of February, we look back on past struggles and achievements of a people. For this project, however, instead of looking back, we decided to look slightly forward by devoting a few entries to contemplations of the future, or perhaps the possible futures of black history and black studies @ SIUE.

• February 28: The Future Histories of Black Studies Contributing Writers 
• February 27: Future Histories of Ghost Curriculum
• February 26:  The future of organizing 
• February 25: Black Studies Programming and the Future of Black Aesthetics 
• February 24: Benign Neglect and African American students
• February 23: Poets by the numbers
• February 22: Issa Rae’s Future Histories by Cindy Lyles  
• February 21: NBA’s Future History: Mathematicians, technology, and basketball by Caleb Butler 
• February 20: Future Uncanny Histories by Briana Whiteside
• February 19: Poetry magazine, the Poetry Foundation site & the future 
• February 18: Katherine Dunham's Future Histories by Danielle Hall
• February 17: Anthologies featuring African American Poetry, 2000 - 2012 
• February 16: Michonne's Future Histories 
• February 15: A Timeline of achievements by black women poets, 2000 - 2012
• February 14: Lasting Legacy: NBA 2k12 by Bryan Ryan
• February 13: Mark Anthony Neal's Future Histories
• February 12: Janette...ikz's Future Histories by Cindy Lyles 
• February 11: Huey Freeman's Future Histories 
• February 10: Chris Webber's Future Histories by Danielle Hall
• February 9: Remixing the History of the Black Panther Party 
• February 8: Vlogs, Web Series, and Black Studies by Kacee Aldridge 
• February 7: Kevin Durant's Future Histories by Caleb Butler   
• February 6: Black Studies, Comic Books & Future Histories 
• February 5: Evie Shockley's digital book: our first & futuristic volume of poetry
• February 4: Toward a future history of contemporary African American Poetry, 2000 - 2012
• February 3: The future digital histories of poetry commentary
• February 2: Octavia Butler’s Future Histories by Briana Whiteside
• February 1: Near Future Black History

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