Friday, February 1, 2013

Near Future Black History

What will black history month look like in the near future? What will the events and celebrations look like when and if organizers embrace digital humanities and increased technology use?

Perhaps, mixed media exhibits, audio devices, and online portals, among other tech options, will play greater roles in the activities that are planned. In addition to thinking about just the content of black history month programming, we'll be more inclined to think about the different mediums through which potential program participants might access that content. We'll celebrate Harriet Tubman, sure, but we'll need to think more carefully about the design of exhibit or web series we'll utilize to feature the heroic ex-slave.

The near-future of black history, that is, a more daring near-future of black history depends in part on our willingness and abilities to utilize new media and digital resources in order to put program participants in touch with the past.  

Future Histories project

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