Saturday, December 10, 2011

Danielle Hall's Black Studies Cultural Commentary

Danielle Hall, poet, cultural worker, and Katherine Dunham scholar, is one of our lead, longtime contributors. In addition to organizing projects focused on Dunhan, Danielle also writes about hip hop, film, black women intellectuals, and African American cultural history. She has served as a program coordinator for the Black Studies Program, and has also facilitated our reading group focused on The Art of Choosing. Additionally, she has assisted in pre-processing the Eugene B. Redmond Collection at SIUE's university archives.

Danielle is from St. Louis, Missouri and recently completed her graduate certificate in Museum Studies. She is currently completing her master's thesis in history on Katherine Dunham and pursuing independent writing projects.

• January 14:  Elegy Poem for Amiri Baraka

• August 15: All Hail, King Kendrick 
• August 11: Hip Hop Turns 40 Today
• August 6: Recap of the 30th Annual International Dunham Technique Seminar
• August 6: Photos from the 30th Annual Dunham Technique Seminar 
• May 25: A notebook on dance--past and present
• May 25: Katherine Dunham’s Intellectual Plight
• May 25: The Underground Origins of Twerking
• May 25: Katherine Dunham Dance Glossary
• May 25: 8 Vintage Sensual Performances by Black Women
• May 25: Key Twerk or Dance Moments in Music and Film
• May 25: The Form and Function of Twerking 
• May 22: Reading Harlem: Five Percent Nation & Hip Hop
• May 21: Arts and the City
May 21: NYC Subway Dance and Acrobatics
• May 21: A Journey to Queensbridge, Pt. 2
• May 18: Africans in India Exhibit at the Schomburg 
• May 18: Loïs Mailou Jones Art Exhibit at the Schomburg 
• May 16: A Journey to Queensbridge 
• May 2: Remembering Chris Kelly
• April 14: “Uh Huh, But How Do It Free Us?”: Rediscovering Hip Hop’s Value 
• March 10: Rakim: Still a ‘Microphone Fiend'
• February 27: Mark Anthony Neal and #L4Leroy
• February 18: Katherine Dunham's Future Histories 
• February 10: Chris Webber's Future Histories
• January 18: An intellectual history of Katherine Dunham

• December 1: Briana Whiteside's Journey: From Illinois to Mississippi back to Illinois 
• November 4: Nas and an “Illustrious Cemetery” for Hip Hop’s Dead and Invisible Female Emcees 
• October 30: Possessed by Katherine Dunham
• September 17: Katherine Dunham’s Journey to East St. Louis 
• August 3: Dunham is Forever
• May 20: African Burial Ground: Blending Scholarship with New York City History 
• May 16: NYC: A 'Bookstore' State of Mind
• February 19: Katherine Dunham, Rihanna, and Politics of the Collective 
• February 14: Blogging about Katherine Dunham
• January 3: The Published Writings of Katherine Dunham, 1964-1979

• December 27: Bodies in Motion: Katherine Dunham & Derrick Rose
• December 9: Divas of the 20th Century Awards Ceremony
• December 7: Katherine Dunham, Redmond & the EBR Digital Collection
• December 5: Ntozake Shange & the EBR Digital Collection
• November 17: Black Womanhood in Their Eyes Were Watching God - HBW blog 
•  November 1: Liner Notes and 1990s Hip Hop Print and Media Culture - HBW blog 
• October 5: Katherine Dunham’s Use of Technology and Dance - HBW blog
•  September 30: The Hurston, Dunham, and Hughes Connection
• September 22: Remembering Stormy Weather: Katherine Dunham and Agency
• September 16: Preserving the Legacy of the Katherine Dunham Technique
• August 30: Why We Do (and need) Black Studies @ SIUE

An Extended Notebook on the works of writers & artists   

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