Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blogging about Poetry in November 2011

 There were all kinds of things to write about concerning black poetry in November. The biggest, most publicized news was Nikky Finney receiving the National Book Award for Poetry. Her win and the subsequent coverage inspired me to think and write about a range of issues.

Other topics and poets also came up as I blogged during the month. I also added a few entries concerning  rap.
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• November 30: Verbal Effects and Margaret Walker's "Molly Means" Clarissa Richee
• November 29: Responses to Margaret Walker's "For My People"
• November 29: Amiri Baraka's "Digging" - A Powerful Jazz Tribute
• November 28: 10 Poems by Margaret Walker
• November 28: Margaret Walker Week
• November 26: Why the Coverage of Poets Matters
• November 25: Why Poetry Awards Matter
• November 23: Adam Bradley on Common's Creative Process
• November 23: College classes on "The Wire" and Jay-Z
• November 22: From L. Clifton to N. Finney: Achievements of Black Women Poets
• November 21: Places Poets Love
• November 21: Nikky Finney, Facebook & Youtube
• November 19: Some of Adrian Matejka's Jack Johnson poems (online)
• November 19: Reflecting on “From Profit To Prophecy” by Dometi Pongo
• November 19: Redmond Reading at Lovejoy Library
• November 18: Nikky Finney's Poetry-Prose Voice
• November 17: Notes on Memorable Lines from Kevin Young's "Bereavement"
• November 17: Coverage of Nikky Finney's Big Win
• November 16: Winning & Losing Awards, Gaining Prestige in Poetry
• November 15: Ebony magazine & Black Arts Poetry
• November 14: Eric Ruckh & Jeffrey Skoblow Read "Howl" at the Underground
• November 14: Online responses to poem by Reginald Dwayne Betts
• November 14: My First Book Blues
• November 13: Notes on My First Book Signing
• November 12: Jay-Z, Adam Bradley, & the Rap-Poetry Conversations
• November 9; A Notebook on the Work of Amiri Baraka
• November 7: Blogging about Poetry in October 2011
• November 6: 10 Poets who gained widespread attention in their 20s
• November 4: A Prelude to Rita Dove's Anthology?
• November 3: A Notebook on the work of Nikky Finney
• November 2: A Notebook on the work of Rachel Eliza Griffiths
• November 2: Rachel Eliza Griffiths as Zora Neale Hurston's Janie
• November 2: A Poet Channeling the Work of Black Women Novelists
• November 2: And She's a Poet: Rachel Eliza Griffiths
• November 2: Online Poems By Rachel Eliza Griffiths
• November 2: And She's a Photographer: Rachel Eliza Griffiths

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