Saturday, January 23, 2021

Background on the Psychedelic Literature Newsletter

C. Liegh McInnis began contributing announcements to a list in 1996 as part of the Mississippi Vibes poetry readings in Jackson, Mississippi. McInnis was producing the poetry readings with his poet-collaborators David Brian Williams, Jolivette Anderson, Ken Stiggers, and Derrick Johnson. Initially, the point was to simply create a list to inform people about upcoming readings and book releases. 

McInnis eventually became the moderator of the list, and over the years, it became known as the Psychedelic Literature newsletter. McInnis modeled the list-turned-newsletter on Kalamu ya Salaam's E-Drum--a listserv providing information and commentary on the arts and Black writers. 

The newsletter issues usually follows a recurring format. McInnis opens with commentary on current topics, which can range from the arts, local or national politics, a major event in entertainment, the passing of a beloved figure, and so forth. Then, he presents a list, often with links, announcing upcoming arts and culture events as well as notable publications. 


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