Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Notebook on the Work of C. Liegh McInnis

When I met him in Mississippi during the mid 1990s, I knew C. Liegh McInnis as a poet. Over the years, I've come to view him as a poet, essayist, short story writer, editor, publisher, and arts organizer.  I've had the chance to write about aspects of his work over the last few years.

• January 2: C. Liegh McInnis's rapid pace across "The Bridge"

• August 26: C. Liegh McInnis's books 
• August 26: The Inspiring Productivity of C. Liegh McInnis 
• August 26: Reading Brother Hollis: The Sankofa of a Movement Man

• May 27: C. Liegh McInnis as a Black Urbanist 
• May 26: Poets as Black Urbanists 
• May 22:  A Southern and Malcolm-like Sound: C. Liegh McInnis & Spoken Word

• August 5: C. Liegh McInnis's 1990s Groundwork in Mississippi
• July 4: Keeping Poetry Alive in Mississippi: C. Liegh McInnis

• October 13: Grassroots Arts Organizing: C. Liegh McInnis and Black Magnolias

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