Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A roundup of 24 Different Covers for Black Panther #1

The April 6 release of Black Panther #1, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, was one of the most anticipated moments in comic books this year. Picking up a copy of Black Panther #1 should've been easy enough, but doing so still presented some of us with a minor dilemma. Which cover to buy?

As with many major releases in the comic book industry, Marvel decided to produce alternate covers, known as "variants," for the first issue of Coates's run on Black Panther. Some releases have 4 or 5 different variants. In some cases, we'll come across 10 or so. But in the case of Black Panther, there were 24 different variants. 

Here's a look at the different covers. The link in the captions leads to more information on the variants and artists.

Brian Stelfreeze's regular covers for the first, second, and third printings of Black Panther #1

Stelfreeze's hip hop cover, Sanford Greene's cover, and Stelfreeze's variant cover for Black Panther #1

Skottie Young's cover,  Amos Maldonado's Marvel Collector Corps cover, and Alex Ross's cover for Black Panther #1

John Tyler Christopher's negative space cover, the blank variant cover, Mark Brooks's Midtown Comics variant for Black Panther #1

  Gabriele Dell'Otto's color and black and white covers and Ryan Sook's cover for Black Panther #1.

  KABAM Game/Disney Infinity cover, Mike McKone's Comic Bug cover, and Neal Adams's cover for Black Panther #1

Greg Horn's MEFCC Dubai exclusive cover, Felipe Smith's 50th Anniversary cover, and Pasqual Ferry's cover for Black Panther #1
 Todd Nauck's cover, Larry Stroman's cover, and Olivier Coipel's cover for Black Panther #1

List of Black Panther variants and artists  
A Notebook on Black Panther

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