Tuesday, September 11, 2012

URG: Notebook on Alondra Nelson's Body and Soul

As part of our Underground Reading Group (URG), we're covering Alondra Nelson's Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination. Among other issues, we will concentrate on how Nelson's work assists us in thinking about health studies as black studies as well as black studies as health studies.

Prior to the publication of Body and Soul, Nelson's writings had already served as a basis for some of our approaches to building black studies @ SIUE. In particular, my crew and I have frequently drawn on afrofuturism--a critical approach for thinking about the intersections of race and technology developed many years ago by Nelson. Our writings about Body and Soul constitute a continuing engagement with her works.

• February 9: Remixing the History of the Black Panther Party by Howard Rambsy II 

• November 17: Alondra Nelson’s Body and Soul by Christina Gutierrez
• October 23: Doctors of Rhetoric: The Black Party Panther by Chandra Alford 
• October 23: Reflections on Body and Soul by Briana Whiteside
• October 18:  Conclusion: Race and Health in the Post-Civil Rights Era by Briana Whiteside  
• October 15:  As American as Cherry Pie: (Chapter 5) by Briana Whiteside 
• October 7: Spin Doctors: The Politics of Sickle Cell Anemia (Chapter 4) by Briana Whiteside
• October 3: Origins of Black Panther Party Health Activism (Chapter 2) by Briana Whiteside
• September 29: The People's Free Medical Clinics (Chapter 3) by Briana Whiteside 
• September 17: Responding to Medical Discrimination Before 1966 (Chapter 1) by Briana Whiteside
September 13: Health Studies as Black Studies by Howard Rambsy
• September 11: Health Activism and the Black Panther Party by Briana Whiteside

• November 26: Opening Notes on Body & Soul
• November 28: B. T. Washington, M. Garvey & Health Activism
• November 28: African American Lit., Medical Discrimination & Health Activism
• December 2: Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Medical Discrimination
• December 14: The Black Panther Party

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