Saturday, April 14, 2012

Assorted Blogging Notebooks

As a way of keeping track of and cross-referencing numerous blog entries that I've written on various topics, I developed a series of "notebooks" that contain links to the write-ups.

Ongoing series:
African American Literary Studies
African American Literature @ SIUE
African American Literatures and Cultures Institute
Andrew Theising Collection
black boys, black men & creativity
Black Intellectual Histories
Book covers
Book History
Books noted lists and check list of books
Collegiate Students
Comic books
• Conferences
Coverage of books, authors & special topics
• Devices, digital tools
Digital Humanities (HR)
Digital Humanities (KR)
East St. Louis
EBR Collection & EBR Learning Center 
Field of African American Literary Studies 
• Frederick Douglass
• Gun Violence
• Language Arts Conferences
Malcolm X
Mixed Media Poetry exhibits 
      • Anthologies  
      • Bad man poetry
      • Black women poets
      • A checklist of poetry checklists
      • Persona poems
      • poetry (lists)
      • Poems about slavery and struggles for liberation
      • Poetry & the Poetry Foundation Site
      • Prizes and awards in African American poetry
      • What ifs & other poetry speculations
      • Poetry vs. Poetry entries
Profiles & Extended coverage on African Americans
Rap, hip hop
Short stories 
Style & Knowledge 
The works of writers & artists
Value of blogging
Verbal Skills & Wordplay

Previous series:
Basketball Project 
Birth Years & Age Matters 
Black Arts Era
Black Arts Enterprise 
Black World magazine
• Bookstores and special collections
Escape Artists
Fear of Language
New York City Journeys
Trayvon Martin Case

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