Monday, December 26, 2011

A Notebook on the work of Margaret Walker

Margaret Walker's poetry has been central to our many mixed media projects, and her poetry has increasingly become a topic for blog entries. Walker's poems "Molly Means," "Kissie Lee," "Bad-Man Stagolee," and "For My People" have been heavy in our rotation. These works seem to always appear on my course syllabi.

Walker's poems serve as mediums for the display and preservation of a range of black cultural ideas. She projects an African American collective or communal voice in many of her works that appeals to readers.

• May 2: Margaret Walker almost won the Pulitzer in 1943  
• May 2: Margaret Walker and exclamation points in African American poetry 

• December 16: 100-plus Poems I Read & Re-Read (online) in 2011
• December 2: Margaret Walker, Struggle & Poetry magazine in the late 1930s 
• December 1: A Renegade Woman: Margaret Walker's "Kissie Lee" By Cindy Lyles
• November 30: Verbal Effects and Margaret Walker's "Molly Means" By Clarissa Richee
• November 29: Responses to Margaret Walker's "For My People"
• November 28: 10 Poems by Margaret Walker
• November 28: Margaret Walker Week
September 30: 100 Black Arts Era poems
September 24:  Women Writers & Black Arts Poetry 
• September 21: 15 Malcolm X Poems by Poets of the Black Arts Era 
September  19: A Look at Margaret Walker's "For Malcolm X" By Clarissa Richee  
July 14: "We Real Cool" & "For My People" First Appeared in Poetry Mag.
• July 13: The Journey of Margaret Walker's "For My People"
May 18: The Rise & Fall of Signature Poems

• March 11: EBR Focus on Margaret Walker

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