Monday, December 26, 2011

A Notebook on the work of Evie Shockley

We've started building a series of posts on the work of Evie Shockley, a poet and literary scholar. She is the author of the volumes of poetry the new black (2011), a half-red sea (2006), and The Gorgon Goddess (2001). She is also author of Renegade Poetics Black Aesthetics and Formal Innovation in African American Poetry (2011).

Her writings have appeared in several venues, including Callaloo, A Broken Thing: Contemporary Poets on the Line, Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook, and Black Nature: Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry. Shockley teaches literature at Rutgers University.

• October 9: Taking a look at Evie Shockley's books
• March 7:Evie Shockley gives reading in St. Louis 

• December 9: A set of books for Black Girls from East St. Louis

• December 7: Evie Shockley, Amanda Johnston & #BlackPoetsSpeakOut
• July 30: The Size & Shape of Evie Shockley's books

• September 21: How poet Evie Shockley transformed a mild-mannered literature teacher into a superhero 
• August 21: What if poet Evie Shockley is a Sci-fi writer? 
• April 29: Evie Shockley and the Music
• February 5: Evie Shockley's digital book: our first & futuristic volume of poetry

• October 31: The Fear of Explaining Evie Shockley's Approaches to Design 
March 24: Evie Shockley Remixes Poem to Address Trayvon Martin Case 
March 21: Poems that Tell Stories and those that don't 
March 14: Why Evie Shockley's Poems Require Multiple Readings 
February 6:  Evie Shockley's Radical Typography

• October 15: Decoding Evie Shockley's "mesostics..." Pt. 3 by Cindy Lyles
• October 14: Evie Shockley’s “On New Year’s Eve" by Clarissa Richee
• October 13: Decoding Evie Shockley's “mesostics..." Pt. 2 by Cindy Lyles
• October 12: Blogging about Evie Shockley 
• October 11: Evie Shockley's “my life as china” by Clarissa Richee
• October 10: Decoding Evie Shockley’s “mesostics..." Pt. 1 By Cindy Lyles
• October 10: Evie Shockley Week

• August 22: Evie Shockley's "improper(ty) behavior" 
• July 1:  Evie Shockley's "ode to my blackness"
• May 6: 10 Poems by Evie Shockley 
• April 29: Evie Shockley and This Douglass Poetry Discourse 
• Feb. 28: Evie Shockley Addresses Thomas Jefferson      
• Feb. 16: The Visual Experience of Evie Shockley’s the new black  
• Jan. 24: Books by K. Warren, E. Shockley, & K. Young  

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