Monday, December 26, 2011

A Notebook on the work of Allison Joseph

Here's a roundup of blog entries on the poetry of Allison Joseph. I've been following her work for over ten years now. 

That means, she's been central to the full span of my blogging on verse and literary history on this site. 

As a prolific writer who has covered a range of topics, Joseph has given so many of us much to consider.

• April 1: Allison Joseph's 19 books and 508 poems
• April 1: Notes on Allison Joseph book collection
• February 19: Allison Joseph and Black Book History

• August 4: The Connectivity of Allison Joseph's My Father's Kites 
• July 29: Those Allison Joseph books

July 3: Tyehimba Jess, Allison Joseph, and those sonnet sequences 
• March 17: Books by Allison Joseph & Tony Medina converse together about dads 
• February 6: Visual Chronicle #22

• April 6: Runner, Writer, Poet, Professor: About Allison Joseph   

• October 8: The Writer as Runner: Allison Joseph by Howard Rambsy II
• October 7: 20 Poems by Allison Joseph complied by Howard Rambsy II
• October 7: Allison Joseph and Productivity in Poetry By Howard Rambsy II
• October 6: "Bio Note" By Allison Joseph By Clarissa Richee
• October 5: The Poet Showdown: “Prompt” by Allison Joseph By Cindy Lyles
• October 4: Blogging about Allison Joseph compiled by Howard Rambsy II
• October 4: “Elegy for the Person Letter” by Allison Joseph by Clarissa Richee
• October 3: Allison Joseph and Paradoxes: An Introduction by Stacey Lynn Brown
• October 3: Allison Joseph Week
• May 6: The Enviable Persistence of Poet Allison Joseph by Howard Rambsy II 
• March 10: Allison Joseph's Presence Among our 100 books by Howard Rambsy II  
• November 2: Allison Joseph’s “The Jealous Girl” by Emily Phillips
• September 10: Notes on Allison Joseph Reading by Howard Rambsy II
• September 7: Allison Joseph's poem "Who You Calling Ugly?" by Emily Phillips
• September 7: Allison Joseph and the fourteen-line box by Howard Rambsy II
• September 6: Body Perception in Joseph's poem "Skinny Legs" by Emily Phillips
• September 5: 10 Poems by Allison Joseph
• September 3: Allison Joseph and Creativity by Howard Rambsy II
• September 3: Allison Joseph's Imitation of Life by Emily Phillips
• August 24: Allison Joseph's Worldly Pleasures by Emily Phillips
• July 26: Allison Joseph's Voice by Emily Phillips
• July 26: Looking for Allison Joseph by Howard Rambsy II

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