Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Working with Kassandra Timm, a talented voice actor

In the process of developing this podcast project Remarkable Receptions, we knew we wanted voice actors to read our scripts. After looking through dozens of options on Fiverr, I found, almost by chance, this voice actor Kassandra Timm. 

I view her as one of our great discoveries for this project. 

It's rare for a group of literary scholars to work with voice actors. Besides, don't people do their own speaking for their podcasts? Well, I wanted to remove as many barriers as possible when recruiting scholars to contribute, and I knew that giving them just the one job of providing a short script would be a plus. Early on  though, I also realized that voice actors could produce a higher quality product than most of us.  

I initially requested one short voiceover assignment from Timm. She would complete the job, and I'd continue identifying other voice actors. Her professionalism and efficiency, though, were really impressive. She posed useful clarifying questions that I hadn't considered, and she then quickly produced a really solid composition. She added life to the words on the page. 

I requested her assistance on another project and then another one and then several others. She ended up doing the voiceovers for more than half of our 53 episodes. She demonstrates versatility with her pace and reading style, and she changes the intensity of her voice to draw readers in to our scripts.  

She always sends us high-quality recordings -- far superior than the ones we could make ourselves. 

We send Timm a script, she takes some time to review it and see if she has any questions, and then she sends an order sheet. Before recording, she provides a brief questionnaire that prompts us to describe the kind of reading approaches we'd like her to take. 

You can hear her describing our project on this brief trailer for the podcast. Or, you can check out any of the following episodes:

We're looking forward to producing more episodes. 


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