Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Developing the Literary Data Gallery

The Literary Data Gallery presents a variety of visualizations about Black novels, novelists, literary scholars, and literary history. 
We utilize numerical data for analyzing novels and literary history, and our findings serve as a basis for presenting visual information about literature. Relatively few platforms publish data visualizations focusing on African American literature and literary studies. In this regard, we seek to make distinct contributions to the field.

I’ve worked to curate datasets related to the contents of African American novels for more than a decade now. Those data collections expanded to include a wide range of information about novels and novelists, including biographical and publication information, quantity of citations in publications such as the New York Times and African American Review, and pageviews for entries on Wikipedia and Google. Transforming some of the data into visualizations represents the next step in my long-running projects to advance African American literary studies using technology.

The Literary Data Gallery provides audiences with expansive views of African American literary production by highlighting dozens of novels produced across decades. At the same time, the gallery creates special opportunities to use digital storytelling and visualizations for exploring black literary studies.


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