Friday, May 21, 2021

A checklist of IRIS sites

Frederick Douglass and Literary Crossroads -- We first set this site up in fall 2018 as part of the NEH Summer Institute that we ran in 2019. It served as a description of the project and as a portal for applications. We updated it for our 2021 NEH institute. We'll revise it for broader public use in fall 2021. Katie Knowles and Ben Ostermeier handled design. I supplied the content and images. 

Representing Richard Wright's Black Boy -- This site was designed to display covers of Richard Wright's autobiography Black Boy. The site was produced in April 2020, with Ben handling design. I wanted a site that allowed visitors to scroll horizontally to view the different book covers. 

• The Wonderful Wordless Phrasings of Amiri Baraka -- This site was designed to showcase audio excerpts from the poet's readings. The site was produced in April 2020, with Ben handling design. A site focusing on the different sounds of birds gave me the idea for this site. 

• The African American Poetry Tracker -- This digital resource provides information about black poetry publishing histories in anthologies. Meg Smith handled design of the site. (The notebook on the Tracker).

Black Panther #1 Variant Cover audio-visual gallery -- This audio-visual showcases views of the 25 variant covers for Black Panther #1 (2016). The site was produced by Meg Smith based on Ben Ostermeier's production of a site we did on Baraka. 


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