Friday, October 26, 2018

Poet Tiana Clark takes flight

On October 24, my new colleague Tiana Clark did a reading on campus. She read one poem from her book Equilibrium, and then devoted most of the reading to her new volume I Can't Talk about the Trees Without the Blood. She's produced and accomplished quite a bit so far, and what's really exciting in my mind is that she's at the beginning of her career. I've been here before -- witnessing a poet at this stage taking flight.

Wasn't it just days ago, or perhaps it was back in 2007, that I was talking poetry with my then-colleague Adrian Matejka. I began actively tracking his progress in 2009 with the publication of his book Mixology and then The Big Smoke and then after that Map to the Stars.

And now Tiana Clark.

During her reading, she gave us a glimpse of her previous work. She presented poems from her just published work. And she even offered a view of her future work, as she read a poem that will appear in the November issue of Poetry

I'm looking forward to following her journeys as a poet, taking note of her out here taking flight.

Tiana Clark reads her poem from Poetry

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