Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Notebook on the Work of Adrian Matejka

Over the years, I've been blogging about the works of Adrian Matejka. Beyond writing poetry, Adrian has been a tremendous resource for me on the many scenes of poetry. He's read everyone. No really. If you have a volume of poetry or poems in multiple publications, Adrian has read your work.  Three times.

He is the author of The Devil's Garden (2003) and Mixology (2009). His book, The Big Smoke, focuses on boxer Jack Johnson.

• May 26: 10 years after Adrian Matejka's Mixology

• November 22: Adrian Matejka participates in the River Styx Reading Series
• August 10: Adrian Matejka--sampling a black interstellar history in verse
• July 16: Why collegiate black men value Adrian Matejka's Jack Johnson poems
•   January 3: From Jack Johnson to the Stars: Charting Adrian Matejka's next moves 

• June 1: Adrian Matejka reading new then newer poems over a 9-year stretch 
• May 29: Black men writers and creativity, 1995 - 2016

• October 13: Poetry & shifting views of Jack Johnson among collegiate black men
• September 23: Poetry, Jay Z, Jack Johnson & Conversations
• July 23: From Unforgivable Blackness and Samuel Jackson to Adrian Matejka's The Big Smoke
• April 29: How The Big Smoke Restores Jack Johnson's Eloquence

December 30: Reading The Big Smoke with Collegiate Black Men 
December 10: Memorizing Adrian Matejka's "Sporting Life" with collegiate black men 
• October 22: Is Jack Johnson book a sports book in verse or verse about sports
• September 13: Poet Marilyn Nelson's good idea: Adrian Matejka's "shadow boxing" poems    
• August 29: Things we need to know prior to reading poetry by Cornelius Eady, Tyehimba Jess & Adrian Matejka  
• June 14: Reading Cornelius Eady, Tyehimba Jess & Adrian Matejka...together 
April 22: Adrian Matejka's, Ralph Ellison's, and Quentin Tarantino's Battle Royals 
• April 21: Adrian Matejka reading from his Jack Johnson book in St. Louis   
• March 14: 30 volumes of poetry leading to The Big Smoke 
• March 9: ARCs: Works by Kevin Young, Tyehimba Jess & Adrian Matejka  

• December 28: When a poet studies game film: Adrian Matejka and Jack Johnson
• August 17: Bad Men as Muses for Black Poets

• December 7: Notes on Adrian Matejka's "Fisticuffs" 
• December 6: Adrian Matejka's Jack Johnson Poems 
• December 5: A Long Walk with Adrian Matejka & Jack Johnson 
• November 19: Some of Adrian Matejka's Jack Johnson poems (online)
• October 27: Adrian Matejka & Amiri Baraka 
• March 10: The Signed Mixology and For Show Mixology 
• January 29: The Contemporary Poet as Historical Researcher

• November 21: "You're worthy of poems."
• November 21: Adrian Matejka: Writing Jack Johnson
• November 18: Jack Johnson: The Man They All Dodge 
• February 11: A Crown for King #7 
• February 11: A Crown for King #1
• February 11: A Crown for King 
• January 10: Mixology Nominated for NAACP Award

• June 4: Adrian Matejka's Mixology

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