Friday, April 13, 2018

College students take the lead at Language Arts conference

Naseem Dove leads discussion of Black Panther covers at Language Arts Conference 

Naseem Dove is one of my more soft-spoken students. However, he was one of the leading facilitators during the conference. He led discussions, and he offered invaluable contributions during the audio composition session, as he had produced one of the more popular tracks.
In order to make these conferences work, I have depended on a range of volunteers, various colleagues, graduate students, guest speakers, and college students. This year, I was especially pleased that a group of collegiate black men took such an active role in implementing the sessions.

Jeshua, at left, leads discussion on images of Malcolm X

Steven Gay, Jeshua Pearson, VJ Smith, Christopher Malone, Donovan Washington, Gaige Crowell, and Naseem Dove gave their time and energy in a variety of ways. They took the lead on all the sessions, and just as important engaged the high school students in conversations throughout the day.

Language Arts Conference, Spring 2018

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