Friday, April 13, 2018

Book Fair, featuring illustrated works

One of my signature events for the Language Arts conference are free book fairs. Presenting students with opportunities to select books and explain some of the reasons for their selection is always a highlight.

This year, I concentrated primarily on books with visual art. Given some of the books guys chose and talked about in the past, I wanted to highlight works with images.

I acquired a few different comic books, including Noble, Accell, Destroyer, and Black Panther. Not surprising given the release of the recent film, Black Panther was a big hit for the guys. However, I noticed they were intrigued with several of the books.

Student reading Accell at the book fair

I also included The Rap Year Book and Basketball (and Other Things) written by Shea Serrano and illustrated by Arturo Torres. Their work has caught the interests of students in the past, so I was sure to include copies of their books for this fair.

Beyond those books with artwork, the guys always gravitate toward The Autobiography of Malcolm X. It's been fascinating to me that year after year that book always piques the interests of high school black boys. I'm always inclined to purchase more copies for the free fair, as I know guys will pick it up and ask questions about the book.

Language Arts Conference, Spring 2018

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