Monday, March 19, 2018

Digital Humanities Club: Week 8

On March 14, for our session of the after-school program, we continued experimenting with graphic design. We first began working as a group with Pixlr, an online graphic design browser during our last session.

In our initial session, we did graphic design experiments based on images from the film Black Panther. In our second session, we took a look at images from the comic book version of Black Panther.

What caught my attention was that how the skills of the guys seemed to vary based on whether they were working with photographic images or comic book art. It seems like the different modes of images affected what kinds of creations the participants produced. It could be too early too tell though, and there are only a small number of us. Still, there was notable variance in what was produced over the last couple of weeks.

I'm going to ask the students more questions about their presences concerning audio production as opposed to graphic design.

The East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club Spring 2018

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