Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club Spring 2018

This semester, I'm continuing my coordinating work with the East St. Louis Digital Humanities Club--an extracurricular program. The participants in the club -- a graduate student, undergraduates, and high school students -- have been working on audio mixes as part of a larger process of building interest and expertise in technology.

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Spring 2018: Summaries of activities:
Week 1: January 17
Week 2: January 24
Week 3: January 31
Week 4: February 7
Week 5: February 14

Reflections by Rae'Jean Spears

Black boys and audio production

This after-school DH club is an outgrowth of our larger Digital East St. Louis, a collaborative project between SIUE's STEM Center and the IRIS Center. The project is supported by a National Science Foundation ITEST grant. The project is directed by STEM Center director Sharon Locke, and involves Jessica DeSpain, Liza Cummings, Georgia Bracey, and Matthew Johnson.

Notebook on Digital East St. Louis

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