Thursday, May 4, 2017

Reading & re-reading Allison Joseph's poetry in 2017

Reading and re-reading Allison Joseph's poetry has been one of my 2017 poetry goals. That's no small task since she's been so prolific over the years. I now own most, though not all, of her volumes of poetry.

Her books include:
1992: What Keeps us Here
1997: Soul Train
1997:  In Every Seam
2003: Imitation of Life
2004:  Worldly Pleasures
2009: Voice: Poems
2010: My Father’s Kites
2016: Mercurial
2016: Mortal Rewards
2016: Multitudes
2016: The Purpose of Hands
That's just what I own so far. Next up, I'm working on getting my hands on her volumes Trace Particles, Little Epiphanies, Double Identity, and What Once You Loved. She has upcoming volumes Corporal Muse (2018) and Confessions of a Barefaced Woman (2018). 

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