Friday, December 11, 2015

Bodies Matter 2015 Event

On November 18, we coordinated an event "Body Matters: Black women on body type, appearance, and invisibility." We hosted a version of the exhibit last year.

The write-up:
For years now, SIUE English professor Anushiya Ramaswamy has noted that “it’s about the body.” Her statement confirms and innovates the idea that race matters by addressing how people read and make decisions about others based on skin tones, weight, body types, hair, beauty standards, posture, movement, and nonverbal communication, not simply skin color.

Extending those ideas, this exhibit offers a brief take on issues concerning body matters. Dozens of students – all black women – contributed to the contents of the exhibit panels. In an effort to raise awareness about important aspects of their experiences at SIUE, they primarily relayed statements that they overheard people say about the physical appearances of black women.

Fall 2015 Programming

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