Saturday, October 31, 2015

Treasure Shields Redmond's chop: 7 notations

What better way to enter the conversation on Treasure Shields Redmond's new volume chop: a collection of kwansabas for fannie lou hamer (2015) than with a series of 7 blog entries? The poems in Redmond's book are kwansabas - a poetic form that contains 7 lines of 7 words. So to get started, I decided to compose 7 entries or notations concerning some of my initial responses to her volume.

The entries:
What it's like to read Treasure Redmond's chop
Locating Treasure Shields Redmond among black women poets 
Treasure Redmond, C. Liegh McInnis, Jolivette Anderson & useful poetic templates
Treasure Shields Redmond's chop and Facebook
30 Volumes of poetry between Treasure Redmond's poems and book
Treasure Redmond's and Tara Betts's chapbooks
Treasure Redmond: Embracing and Advancing a Form


Treasure Shields Redmond

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