Sunday, September 27, 2015

Special issues of Negro Digest/Black World

The editors of Negro Digest/Black World displayed an interest in developing a distinct cultural calendar, dedicating issues to specific topics.

In addition to the annual poetry issues in September,  Negro Digest/Black World, regularly ran an annual history issue in February. The magazine ran an annual fiction issue in June; the issue was referred to as the "fiction festival." Each April, the magazine ran special issues on theater. The November 1973 issue was designated a special on "Black Music." An image of Duke Ellington appears on the cover.

The special issues assisted in making reader more aware of those distinct genres and select writers. Playwright Ron Milner appears on the cover of the April 1976 issue of Black World, and playwright Ed Bullins appears on the cover of the April 1974 issue of Black World. Fiction writers Hal Bennett, Ishmael Reed, and Toni Cade Bambara appear on the June 1974 issue of Black World

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