Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reading Smarter Than You Think

This semester, I'm reading Clive Thompson's book Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds For the Better (2013) with about 100 or so students. 40 of the students are enrolled in my "Introduction to Literature" course, and 60 are participants in the Haley Scholars reading groups that I coordinate each semester. 

I've read technology pieces by Thompson here and there over the years, so I was pleased when his book was released back in 2013. Given budget cuts and such, I knew back then that I would have to wait until the paperback was released before I could get my hands on enough books for folks in the reading group. It's worked out now, and we're ready to roll. 

On the surface, many students on our campus appear immersed in technology. They are active on social media and are constantly utilizing their handheld devices. But I have a feeling that Thompson will take them a little further on considerations about the implications of technology in our society. I'm looking forward to our conversations. 

In a couple of months, some of the students will organize a public exhibit based on what we cover. I'll keep you posted on our progress. 

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