Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Majestic in 17 Syllables (Poet's Picks)

Over the course the last two months, over 200 students have submitted haiku about the Majestic Theatre in East St. Louis. We invited literature professor and poet Jeffrey Skoblow to look over more than a dozen of the haiku and choose some that stood out to him. Below are some of the submissions that he found especially interesting.

New experience
Exciting and grand
but never again.

How beautiful I
think you might have been, when you
stood so tall and new.

I love this place so.
But why does it have to go?
We won't find out why.
--Alexis, Finance and Economics major

Light beginning to fade
Curtains separate the stage
Pictures start to move

When the lights go down
And the theatre is dim
It is time to watch
--JT, Criminal Justice & Psychology major

Final scene starts now
The sky, once bright has shut down
The actors' last bow

An East St. Louis Sketchbook

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