Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An East St. Louis Sketchbook

This semester, I’ve been working with various people on projects related to East St. Louis. Some of the people are residents of the city; some are students at SIUE; some are from other places. Since so many pieces of the projects are in process and developing, I’ve been inclined to refer to what I’ve been gathering as an East St. Louis Sketchbook.

The sketchbook includes photographs, haiku, short writings, Post-Its, illustrations, notes, annotations, you name it.

Links to page sketchbook:
• Jetpacks & the Spivey (annotated version)
Re-imagining the Spivey: sci-fi prompt
Flow & Grit in East St. Louis 
East St. Louis Vision Boards activity 
Interpreting, Illustrating Jeffrey Skoblow's haiku 
Public Thinking Event: East St. Louis (Oct. 28) 
Mapping East St. Louis 
The Majestic in 17 Syllables 
Chess & GRIT 
Public Thinking Event: East St. Louis (Sept. 17)

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