Saturday, October 18, 2014

Notebook on Lit. Genius

I initially entitled this notebook "on Rap Genius;" but my interests began to quickly expand to Lit. Genius interests. 

• October 18: Most Viewed African American Poems on Lit Genius
• September 5: Genius employees as problem solvers

• September 16: Becoming a Rap Genius (Literature course for Spring 2014)
• September 12: Frederick Douglass and Rap Genius
• July 18: When my Rap Genius activities become less fun, though purposeful
• July 15: An Ex-Slave's Letter Arrives on Rap Genius 
• June 26: Sister-scientist astronomers remix that classic Wu on Rap Genius 
• June 25: Analyzing the poetry/lyrics of high school students on Rap Genius 
• June 25: From RapGenius to Science Genius
• May 22: How to read poetry like a Rap Genius
• May 20: From RapGenius to Cultural Historian to Marketing Analyzer?
• May 9: From OHHLA to Rap Genius
• April 16: Jay-Z & Zora Neale Hurston on swag: Rap Genius notes by Kenton Rambsy
• April 15: RapGenius and Digital Humanities at CLA
• April 5: Becoming a Verified Artist on Rap Genius
• April 4: Vince Manuel on the Rap Genius Experience: An Interview
• April 3: Gwendolyn Brooks, Langston Hughes & Rap Genius 
• April 3: Follow-up on the 7 Ways Rap Genius encourages participants by Kenton Rambsy
• April 2: 7 Ways that RapGenius Assists Digital African American Literary Scholarship by Kenton Rambsy

• December 20: Rap Genius and access to black poetry by Kenton Rambsy
• December 19: Rap Genius as a space for sharing expertise by Simone Savannah
• December 17: A Malcolm X project on Rap Genius, Pt. 1
• December 17: What if African American poetry enthusiasts were like rap geniuses?
• December 17: Utilizing the Poetry Foundation and Rap Genius  
• December 17: Reading Rap Genius: An Introduction

Assorted Notebooks  

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