Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blogging about Poetry in April 2013

April was National Poetry Month, and although I did not have any definite major plans, I did manage to cover a few different poetry-related events and volumes during the course of the last thirty days.

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• April 29: Talking African American poetry at the University Oregon
• April 29: Evie Shockley and the Music
• April 24: Lessons covering poems with high school students
• April 22: Adrian Matejka's, Ralph Ellison's, and Quentin Tarantino's Battle Royals
• April 21: Photos from the reading hosted by Treasure Redmond
• April 21: Adrian Matejka reading from his Jack Johnson book in St. Louis
• April 21: The poet as organizer: Treasure Redmond  
• April 21: Monica Hand reads in St. Louis  
• April 21: Treasure Redmond hosts poetry reading in St. Louis
• April 20: The value of "our" history for African American collegiate poetry readers
• April 19: A Notebook on Frank X. Walker
• April 19: Other Bad Men: Frank X. Walker's Byron De La Beckwith poems
• April 19: Frank X. Walker's books
• April 15: RapGenius and Digital Humanities at CLA
• April 15: The Poet as 21st Century Bookseller: A note on Frank X. Walker
• April 14: The hues of Hughes, the dynamism of D.A.S.H.
• April 9: Could some black poets benefit from Illuminati accusations? 
• April 6: Blogging about Poetry in March 2013 
• April 5: Becoming a Verified Artist on RapGenius
• April 4: Vince Manuel on the RapGenius Experience: An Interview
• April 3: Gwendolyn Brooks, Langston Hughes & RapGenius
• April 2: Cornelius Eady's, Tyehimba Jess's & Adrian Matejka's Bad Men

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