Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blogging about Poetry in October 2012

October seemed to fly by, but I got the opportunity to touch on a few different topics while blogging. Most importantly, I began publishing my writings concerning "the fear of language," a series that necessarily gives me new opportunities to expound on poetry, among other topics.

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A list of links:

• October 31: Margaret Walker and the Ballad of a Scary Black Woman By Cindy Lyles   
• October 31: The Fear of Explaining Evie Shockley's Approaches to Design
• October 30: Audre Lorde and the Horrors of Breast Cancer By Christina Gutierrez 
• October 30: Margaret Walker’s Uncanny Molly Means By Briana Whiteside
• October 30: Frances E. W. Harper’s Land of the Living Dead By Elizabeth Cali
• October 30: Elizabeth Alexander’s Horror at the Carnival By Emily A. Phillips
• October 30: The Fear of Explaining Evie Shockley's Approaches to Design 
• October 28: Haunted by the origins of so much unpublished black poetry 
• October 27: Rita Dove and the fear of poems that aren't black enough
• October 26: Once upon a time when black poetry was scary 
• October 22: Amiri Baraka's scary wordless phrasings 
• October 21: The curse & blessing of "We Real Cool"
• October 20: Fear of language & studies of poetry
• October 17: Letter to the Editor about Gwendolyn Brooks  
• October 17: 25 Poems later, who are my students now?
• October 16: William J. Harris's Robot Poem  
• October 16: The value of student-run open mics
• October 9: From Gwendolyn Brooks to Chief Keef  
• October 7: Poets, not literary critics, are the key judges of contemporary African American poetry
• October 4: Treasure Redmond & the Poet as Connector 
• October 4: 25 Poems by Black Women about the City By Cindy Lyles 
• October 2: Natasha Trethewey, Kevin Young, Jericho Brown, and the Emory model 
• October 1: Blogging about Poetry in September 2012

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