Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blogging about Poetry in July 2012

Well, I have to tell you, I had a good time thinking and blogging about poetry in July. I got the chance to write about a few different poets whose works I enjoy such as Amiri Baraka, Lucille Clifton, and Kevin Young. I found the time to organize a few different extended lists, and toward the end of the month, I began including some of the photographs of poetry books and poetry readers that I've taken.

I'm indebted to three poet-scholars, DaMaris Hill, Tony Bolden, and William J. Harris, whose comments on various topics over there on facebook generated a few different ideas and prompted me to discuss some issues here. Also, for over a year now, I've regularly followed poet and editor Don Share; he's always sending out tidbits about poetry on twitter that prompt me to blog on tidbits about poetry here. I'm thankful to them and all of y'all for providing the energy for me to keep this blogging habit going.

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A list of links

• July 31: Richard Wright haiku 
• July 31: The Poetry Report: a series
• July 30:  "New" African American poets & the Canon
• July 29: 105 African American Volumes of Poetry by Publisher, 2000 - 2012
• July 28: Toward a Sociology of African American Readers & Their Relationships to Poetry
• July 27: Why potential poetry readers need advocates
• July 26: Presidential Politics & African American Poetry
• July 24: Poetry, Slavery & Creativity
• July 23: How 48 Black Writers and Critics Greatly Assisted Toni Morrison
• July 23: 105 volumes of poetry by year, 2000-2012
• July 21: Listening to Amiri Baraka, Reading Vijay Iyer
• July 20: Reading with Their Eyes Closed: Poets & Performance
• July 16: African American poets
• July 13: Black Poetry & the War on Drugs
• July 12: The increased aesthetic appeal of poetry book covers
• July 10: Kevin Young's Big Books & Extraordinary Publishing Career
• July 9: Does the success of a few obscure the plight of many other black poets?
• July 8: Why a history of unpublished poetry & poets is worth considering
• July 6: 25 Poems We've Already Read
• July 5: Funny poets: Amiri Baraka & Kevin Young
• July 3: Lucille Clifton's "wishes for sons" & the trouble male students have saying "gynecologists"
• July 1: Blogging about Poetry in June 2012

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