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Trymaine Lee's coverage of the Trayvon Martin Case

Journalist Trymaine Lee provided extensive coverage concerning the murder of Trayvon Martin. Lee was writing for the Huffington Post at the time. He now writes for MSNBC.

Lee's articles were posted frequently on Twitter and facebook, providing a range of readers with background information and new developments.

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Although editorials on the case and aftermath are useful and necessary, news reports offer essential context and details of events taking place. Consequently, Lee's work constitutes one of the largest bodies of reporting on the case by a single journalist.

• June 26: George Zimmerman Evidence Shows Extent To Which Police Doubted Self-Defense Claim 
• June 18: George Zimmerman's Jailhouse Calls To Wife Reveal Couple's Alleged Plan To Hide Funds (AUDIO)
• June 13: Stand Your Ground Task Force, With Questions Of Bias, Urged To Amend Law
• June 12: Shellie Zimmerman Arrested: George Zimmerman's Wife Charged With Perjury
• June 11: Stand Your Ground Task Force In Florida Holds First Public Meeting
• June 1: George Zimmerman's Bond Revoked In Trayvon Martin Case
• May 24: Amazon Drops ALEC Under Pressure From Advocacy Group
• May 23: George Zimmerman's 'Cozy' Relationship With Sanford Police Questioned (WATCH)
• May 11: Marissa Alexander Sentenced: Florida Mom Who Shot At Abusive Husband Gets 20 Years In Prison
• May 9: Marissa Alexander, Mom Facing 20 Years, Shot At Abusive Husband In Anger, Prosecutor Says
• May 2: Florida Mom, Faces Mandatory 20 Years In Prison After Failed Stand-Your-Ground Defense (UPDATE)
• May 1: Richard Myers Named New Sanford Police Chief Amid Discord Between Officials, Cops [with Gene Demby]  
• April 30: George Zimmerman Defense Team Launches Social Media Campaign 
• April 27: Judge Rejects Bail Hike For George Zimmerman 
• April 13: George Zimmerman Settles In At County Jail, Buys Playing Cards And Jolly Ranchers 
• April 13: George Zimmerman's Notoriety Raises Concerns For Fair Trial [with John Rudolf]
• April 11: Zimmerman In Custody, Charged With Second-Degree Murder In Martin Case [with John Rudolf]
• April 11: Trayvon Martin Case 'A Tragedy We Are All Struggling To Understand,' Says Eric Holder
• April 9: Trayvon Martin Case: Special Prosecutor Called Off Grand Jury, Will Decide Zimmerman's Fate
• April 9: Trayvon Martin Case Spotlights Florida Town's History Of 'Sloppy' Police Work [with John Rudolf] 
• April 5: George Zimmerman Supporter Sprays 'Long Live Zimmerman' On Wall At Ohio State University 
• March 30: Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Was 'Jekyll And Hyde,' Former Co-Worker Says
• March 28: Martin Case: Police Video Shows No Blood, Bruises On George Zimmerman After Killing (Update)
• March 28: Martin Case: Police Video Shows No Blood, Bruises On George Zimmerman After Killing 
• March 27: Trayvon Martin's Family Vows To Keep Fighting Amid 'Character Assaults,' Official Leaks
• March 24: Trayvon Martin Case: Florida Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill Police Chief Bill Lee & His Family
• March 23: Trayvon Martin Case Protests Across Nation Culminate With Show Of Strength In Florida
• March 23: Trayvon Martin Killing: Taiwanese Company Makes Animated Reconstruction (VIDEO)
• March 22: Trayvon Martin Case: State Attorney Quits Investigation As State Studies 'Stand Your Ground' Law
• March 22: Bill Lee, Sanford Police Chief, Steps Down Temporarily Over Trayvon Martin Case
• March 22: Trayvon Martin Case: Police Chief Bill Lee Under Fire With 'No Confidence' Vote
• March 21: Trayvon Martin's Mother 'Cannot Eat,' While Lawyer Expresses Concerns Over Grand Jury
• March 20: Trayvon Martin Final Moments Captured During Phone Call With Teenage Girl
• March 20: Trayvon Martin Case: Justice Department To Investigate Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Florida Teen
• March 19: 'I Am Trayvon Martin' As Their Message, College Students Rally Demanding Justice
• March 17: Trayvon Martin Killing's Youngest Witness, 13, Still Can Hear The Screams
• March 16: Trayvon Martin Case: 911 Audio Released Of Teen Shot By Neighborhood Watch Captain (AUDIO)
• March 16: Trayvon Martin Case Recasts Century-Old Battle Lines For Local Activist
• March 14: Trayvon Martin Case Salts Old Wounds And Racial Tension
• March 13: Martin Case Sent To State Attorney's Office Amid Growing Tension, Questions About Police Probe
• March 12: George Zimmerman Neighbors Complained About Aggressive Tactics Before Trayvon Martin Killing
• March 9: Neighborhood Watch Captain Who Shot Trayvon Martin, Charged With Violence Before
• March 8: Trayvon Martin's Family Calls For Arrest Of Man Who Police Say Confessed To Shooting

Other media:
• March 21: Trymaine Lee Analyzes The Response To Trayvon Martin's Killing

A Notebook on the Trayvon Martin Case

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