Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lauren Victoria Burke's coverage of the Trayvon Martin Case

Lauren Victoria Burke, who writes for the Crewof42 site about the Congressional Black Caucus, has been provided a series of pieces on the Trayvon Martin killing. Her writings have provided useful background and context and contributed to the larger discourse on the subject.

• March 19: Tray Martin and 7 Dead Black Males Who Should Be Alive
• March 19: DoJ to Investigate Trayvon Martin Murder
• March 20: Cleaver: DOJ Should Investigate Trayvon Martin Case as Hate Crime
• March 20: Did Trayvon Killer Say “F**king Coons?”
• March 22: Allen West on Trayvon: “Let’s all be appalled not because of race…”
• March 22: Day 26: Wilson to Talk Trayvon on House Floor Every Day
• March 22: Hastings: Repeal Stand Your Ground Law

A Notebook on the Trayvon Martin Case  

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