Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 John Coltrane Poems by Poets of the Black Arts Era

In addition to Malcolm X, who was the subject of several poems during the black arts era, John Coltrane was an important recurring subject for poets. The following list offers a sample of the many poems paying tribute to the inspiring jazz musician.

John Coltrane

"The Evolver" By Amiri Baraka

"How Long Has Trane Been Gone" By Jayne Cortez

"Dear John, Dear Coltrane" By Michael Harper

"Here Where Coltrane Is" By Michael Harper

“Don’t Cry, Scream” By Haki Madhubuti

"Me, In Kulu Se & Karma" By Carolyn Rodgers

“a/coltrane/poem" By Sonia Sanchez

"Did John's Music Kill Him?" By A. B. Spellman

"Juju” By Askia Toure

“Ode to John Coltrane” By Quincy Troupe

This entry is part of a series--30 Days of Black Arts Poetry.

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