Wednesday, September 21, 2011

15 Malcolm X Poems by Poets of the Black Arts Era

Malcolm X was one of the most revered figures in black arts discourse. In addition, Malcolm was a muse for large numbers of poets. The following list offers a sample of the many poems dedicated to the influential leader by black arts era poets.

Malcolm X poems 

"Saint Malcolm" By Johari Amini

"A Poem for Black Hearts" By Amiri Baraka

"Malcolm X" By Gwendolyn Brooks

"For Malcolm, U.S.A." By James Emanuel

"El-hajj Malik El-shabazz" By Robert Hayden

"It Was a Funky Deal" By Etheridge Knight

"For Malcolm, A Year After" By Etheridge Knight

"Malcolm Spoke/Who Listened?" By Haki Madhubuti

"Malcolm X--An Autobiography" By Larry Neal

"The Summer After Malcolm" By Larry Neal

“Poems for Malcolm” By Carolyn Rodgers

"Malcolm" By Sonia Sanchez

"malcolm" By Welton Smith

"For Brother Malcolm" By Edward S. Spriggs

"For Malcolm X" By Margaret Walker

This entry is part of a series--30 Days of Black Arts Poetry.

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