Friday, May 6, 2011

Blogging about Black Verse -- 2011

Here's a list of links focusing on my writings about poets, rappers, their works, and issues related to verse in general this year.  

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Writings on Poets
Nikky Finney's George Bush Sonnet Sequence, Pt. 1 
Gil Scott-Heron and the Poetry, Rap (Dis)Connection
Gil Scott's Role in an Untelevised Revolution
A Poet Laureate (Always) at Work: Eugene B. Redmond
L. Hughes, N. Giovanni, & Black Poetry Placement Power 
Rapper-Poet-Hip Hop Head: The Sagas of Treasure Williams 
The Value of Skeptical Poets: Notes on Dwayne Betts
Kevin Young & The Langston Hughes Connection
The Enviable Persistence of Poet Allison Joseph
Evie Shockley and This Douglass Poetry Discourse
Tyehimba Jess & the Persona of a Blind Black Man 
Nikky Finney's Reading Style
Nikky Finney and her Audience
Nikky Finney, Nikki Giovanni, & the Black Poetry Best Seller List
Adrian Matejka--The Signed Mixology and For Show Mixology
Allison Joseph's Presence Among our 100 books
Kevin Young Representing Cinque
Treasure Williams and the Arkansippi Effect
Evie Shockley Addresses Thomas Jefferson
The Visual Experience of Evie Shockley’s the new black
Treasure Williams Channels Fannie Lou Hamer in STL
Kevin Young's Expansive Body of Work
Multi-threaded Comments on Kevin Young's Ardency
The Coverage of Kevin Young's Ardency
Treasure Williams on Fannie Lou Hamer on Facebook

Notebook on Poetry
150+ Years of Antislavery Poems by Black Poets
Teenage Black Girls, "Ego Tripping," and African American Literary History  
The Rise & Fall of Signature Poems
From Popular Black Poets to Public Intellectuals
Images of Black Writers in Mainstream Publications
Rita Dove Addresses "Racist Selectivity"
Following Poetry Scholars
How Public are Poets?
Why the Birth Years of Black Poets Matter
The Contemporary Poet as Historical Researcher

Notebook on Rap
An Intellectual History of Consciousness in Rap: Jay Electronica 
The Golden (Birth) Years of Rappers

Verbal Skills
Malcolm X--Verbal Artist & Muse
Black Men, Verbal Skills, and the NBA

Memorizing Poetry
The Rewards of Memorizing Haiku 
Phillis Wheatley's "On Being Brought from Africa to America" 
•  Robert Hayden's "Frederick Douglass"
Kelly Norman Ellis's "Raised by Women"
Promise of Poetry Project
101 Volumes of African American Poetry, 2000-2011
100 Volumes of Poetry

Public Poetry Projects
Mixed Media Poetry Project @ William Woods University
Presenting Poetry & Photos at St. Louis Community College

Online Poems
10 Poems by Evie Shockley
10 Poems by Kevin Young


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