Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Poems by Evie Shockley

I've been writing about Evie Shockley's volume the new black. I've provided links to some of her previously published works, which appear online.

Writer's Block from Titanic Operas

protect yourself from Titanic Operas

Cafe Tryst from Beltway Poetry Quarterly

atlantis made easy from Poets for Living Waters

my last modernist poem, #4 (or, re-re-birth of a nation) from La Petite Zine

The anklet from Thanal Online

apples and oranges: an allegory From the Fishouse

lifeline From the Fishouse

you can say that again, billie From the Fishouse

Sooth Seers From the Fishouse

10 Poems by Kevin Young

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