Wednesday, September 1, 2010

we do black studies

A new school year, a new visual matters series. Two years ago, Marci and Tristan got us started with our words series. Last year, we rolled with our campaign: "black (studies) is beautiful. And now, we're on to this series:

This first postcard focuses on some of our black studies participants moving around New York City: Adrienne Smith filming in Brooklyn in 2010; David Hopkins b-boying at the Richard Wright bench in Fort Green Park, Brooklyn in 2010; Justin Slay taking photographs in midtown NYC in 2010; Joy Howze and Jessica Johnson at the Strand Bookstore in 2010; Christian Cooper, Shelley Houk, and Marci Daniels conversing in Union Square Park in 2009; Chris Laird at the Brooklyn Museum in 2009.

My lil bro Kenton pulled together the design for me. The NYC skyline image at the bottom was done by Tristan.

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