Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New York: A Poetic Reflection

Our contributor Cassaundra Sampson produced two of the pieces in our NYC audio-visual exhibit.

This past summer, Cassaundra participated in the African American Literatures and Cultures Institute at the University of Texas at San Antonio. As part of that program, she traveled with the Institute fellows to New York City. I asked Cassaundra to produce two poems based on her experiences in the city, and the first one she shared was the following "New York."

New York
By Cassaundra Sampson

Turbulent skies
Landing me
On the runway of dreams

People going to & fro
People moving fast & slow
Everyone has somewhere to go
Over the bridge
All around town

High-end hotels
Places with prices kissing the sky
Denting my wallet
Making me smile.
Central Park
An empty pocketed travelers dream

Hmmmm….my place to be
The living museum of black
Black music
Black food
Black paintings
Brothas & Sistas with Panama flags
African Jewelry
Caribbean colors
The picture perfect painting
Where Spanish Harlem begins
Is invisible to the eye
Only the ear can hear
The Spanish flare
To Harlem’s own tune

Back Around
Times Square
Filled with life
Sitting & smiling
Walking & laughing
Standing & Enjoying
Life ------the heart of New York
The beat that keeps it going
This strange island
This over-electrified
Broke before you know it
City of Dreams…………

[Thanks to Al Henderson for blending in the music.]

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