Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NYC: A Dreamer's Playground

Today and tomorrow, we're doing a couple of public exhibits based on our crew's interpretations of NYC. Our contributors Joy Howze, Cassaundra Sampson, and Dometi Pongo have provided some creative pieces based on their reads of the scenes. Shelley Houk hooked us up with a wonderful piece about listening in the city.

I'll post excerpts from the audio-exhibit over the next few days. For now, check out this piece by Joy Howze,

A Dreamer's Playground
By Joy Howze

In my mind, my dreams are a reality.
When winds of opportunity blow
my dreams are the clouds that will carry me,
to a dreamers playground.
Where I can be submerged in a sea of inspiration,
flowing freely in my soul's desperation to be heard,
And if I have something to say,
what better people to hear
than those found here in this concrete jungle?
Where the people, the culture, the geography and community,
the hustle and bustle, the upbeat lifestyle,
the mixing of people, the passing of faces,
and all else in between is a sight to been in its own right,
Where what most would consider grimey and dirty
is beautiful to me,
and that I am willing to walk miles in chasing the spotlight,
street hustling all day, studio time all night,
Repeat, repeat, repeat!
and I'm sure to strike it big.
Singing A. Keys in my head until that day comes...

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