Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Following Tara Betts

Tara Betts and Lucille Clifton, 2004

I met Tara Betts at this poetry conference, Furious Flower, back in 2004. She and I had a few common friends. At that time, I also met the late poet Lucille Clifton. During one of the readings at the conference while taking photos, I turned and saw Betts sitting in the isle near Clifton, so I snapped this photo.

Because of the angles and all, the photo didn't come out like I wanted. But still glad I caught the moment, you know?

Since 2004, I've tried to keep an eye on Betts's writings. Caught her poems published here and there. I also caught audio clips of her reading online. Among other things, she's a talented performer. Check out some of her work on her myspace page. Last year, she published her volume Arc & Hue.

As part of our multi-threaded commentary on select poets, we'll write a series of posts on Betts's work in the coming months.

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