Monday, April 27, 2009

The Black Studies Showcase

This Thursday, we’ll have a reception highlighting our 2008-2009 black studies projects: the Poetry Correspondence Program, the African American Health Initiative, the Interactive Reading Group, Southern Illinois along the Light Rail, the Underground Freedom Galleries, and our program blog.

If you’re free, stop by and check out our small exhibit; meet folks associated with the program; pick up one of our postcards.

Thursday, April 30th
1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
Peck Hall 3117

I think we’ve been especially productive this year. We provided 250 Langston Hughes books to middle school and high school students participating in the correspondence program, and we gave the 30 or so participants in “Interactive
Reading Group” books by artists Aaron McGruder and Keith Knight. More important, all the books we distributed were followed by various correspondences to the recipients.

We’ve designed and sent hundreds of postcards related to African American literature and health information. We’ve also produced collaborative projects concerning political issues as well as special reading and writing presentations.

So, this Black Studies Showcase will appear in the form of an exhibit and will highlight some of what we’ve been doing over the past several months. If you can, do stop by and check us out.

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