Wednesday, April 5, 2023

7 Reasons to check out Dometi Pongo's Presentation

MTV journalist and television host Dometi Pongo will give a presentation here at SIUE in Lovejoy Library on Wednesday, April 12, at 2:00 pm. 

You need 7 reasons to attend? No problem. I got you. His presentation will give you a special opportunity to check out:

1. A  graduate who's gone on to do big things. Pongo was once a student at SIUE (2007 - 2011). During that time, he became a crucial contributor to the artistic and intellectual life of the university.  He's gone on to become quite successful in his career. We'll get a chance to see what's possible. 

2. A talented journalist. Pongo has interviewed dozens of musicians, actors, educators, and popular cultural figures over the last few years. We'll benefit from him sharing some of what he's seen and learned.  

3. A driven creative artist & thinker. Although he's well-known as a MTV journalist and host, Pongo's identity as a creative was and remains central to who he is. He's almost always thinking, talking, and planning artistically, and we'll get to talk about how he's worked that worldview into so much of what he does. 

4. A Culture Ranger. Even as an undergraduate at SIUE, Pongo had a whole lot of range -- majoring officially in one thing, but unofficially and more importantly, exploring a wide variety of ideas, activities, and courses of study. Our conversation with him will give us a chance to think about the value of being culture rangers.  

5. Practical advice from a well-traveled professional. Pongo will provide practical, down-to-earth advice about navigating a professional career on a big stage. 

6. A good cultural, intellectual event. We don't have nearly enough thoughtful, educational events on campus. This event gives us a chance to expand our engagement with ideas and new possibilities.   

7. A group of especially thoughtful SIUE students. The event is open to the public, but we've gone out of our way to invite several of our most thoughtful folks. Beyond the main presenter, you'll share space with some really good folks.


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