Friday, August 5, 2022

Graphic Novel--Red, White & Black

Our podcast Remarkable Receptions focuses on African American novels, and I recently expanded just a bit to include graphic novels within the scope of novels. I asked my colleague to Stephyn Phillips to contribute a short take on a publication that generated notable responses. 

For this episode, Phillips focuses on Truth: Red, White & Black (2002) by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker. 

Phillips and I have co-taught a course on diversity and comic books every semester since fall 2018. He's a human encyclopedia of comics. He's been actively reading for decades and has amassed a collection of thousands upon thousands of issues, books, movies, and related merchandise.  

As Phillips writes,  Truth: Red, White & Black is set in the 1940s and "tells the story of six Black soldiers experimented on by their own government to test the serum that made Captain America."


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 This episode is read by Kassandra Timm.


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