Friday, December 3, 2021

Angel C. Dye in the mix

Writing about Angel C. Dye's poetry this week had me thinking about how her work connects with vairous other writers--young and old. I wanted to share a few 

I know that it's almost cliche to link any and all poets to Langston Hughes, but look, Dye's focus on black folk culture, black women, music, and other topics did have me thinking about so many works by our most famous author, Hughes. 

Ok, but with the focus on black culture, I'm inclined to link Dye to Margaret Walker. Certainly, you there are echoes of Walker's "For My People" in Dye's "Breathe." Beyond that, you also get a sense of their shared connectedness to the people. 

The spoken word qualities of some of Dye's poems led me to place her in league with Jae Nichelle, Jasmine Nicole Mans, Ebony Stewart, Jamila Woods, and Amanda Gorman among others.

Alright, Dye is writing about women in ways that reminded me, in some ways, of Mahogany L. Browne, Nikky Finney, and DaMaris Hill. 

There were some discussions of everyday moments that had me linking Dye to Allison Joseph and Erica Hunt.


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