Thursday, December 31, 2020

Coverage of the Mellon Foundation, Social Justice, and Elizabeth Alexander

In June, I began reading and charting coverage of the Mellon Foundation that focused on the organization's commitment to social justice--a commitment that has become more pronounced in part because of the leadership of Elizabeth Alexander, the president of the organization. 

Of course, Alexander had been doing social justice projects long before June 2020. However, I was fascinated to see her making moves in this new role. What follows are links to articles citing the work of the Foundation and Alexander's comments in interviews.

• Dec. 2: Mellon Dedicated a Quarter-Billion Dollars to Monuments in the U.S. - Philip Rojc - Inside Philanthropy
• Nov. 13: Stand for Equity Seminar with Alexander - Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy
Oct. 5: Mellon Foundation to Spend $250M to Reimagine Monuments - Jennifer Schuessler - New York Times 
• Oct. 5: Elizabeth Alexander on philanthropy for social justice - Washington Post (YouTube)
• Oct. 5: Race in America: The Arts (feat. Elizabeth Alexander) - Jonathan Capehart - Washington Post 
• Sept. 24: With Mellon Foundation Grant, A New Institute for Racial Justice - Jonathan Holloway - Rutgers
• Aug. 13: Elizabeth Alexander's Fierce Vision of Social Justice - Lane Florsheim - Wall Street Journal
• Aug. 10: Elizabeth Alexander on the intersections of Identities - Yale Historical Review
• July 6: Alexander on the Mellon Foundation’s New Direction - Len Gutkin - Chronicle
• July 1: Mellon to focus grantmaking on social justice - Philanthropy News Digest
• June 30: With Books and New Focus, Mellon Foundation to Foster Social Equity - Julia Jacobs - New York Times
• June 10: Leading Foundations Pledge to Give More - James B. Stewart and Nicholas Kulish - New York Times


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