Monday, July 8, 2019

NEH Frederick Douglass Institute -- opening reception

Institute binders and Douglass books for participants 

The opening reception, on July 7, for our Frederick Douglass Institute went really well. We met and had a meal with our participants. We also presented the participants with their institute binders and an edition of Douglass's Narrative that we'll use this week.

Early on last year when I received word that we had earned the grant, the university Chancellor Randy Pembrook reached out to me for lunch. He wanted to congratulate me and see if I needed any additional assistance. I thanked him for the lunch, and as a matter of fact, I told him, I did need support.

I let him know that I would need help for one of the meals. After conversing with the provost, Denise Cobb, they agreed to cover our opening reception. We really appreciated it. 

Chancellor Randy Pembrook greets NEH participants

Hey, and it didn't stop there. College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) dean, Greg Budzban, is covering lunches for our participants this week. NEH grants do not cover food, so getting outside assistance like this on meals and other expenses goes a long way.

I've been calling in all kinds of favors to pull this project together. Kathi Bentley, who directs our Black Studies Program, covered water and other supplies. The library has provided us with space and access to facilities. The university's Office of Educational Outreach has been coordinating on a number of fronts for us. 

It takes a village to run an NEH Institute. 

CAS dean, Greg Budzban, greets NEH participants

During the reception, I got a chance to talk a little about our long road to creating this institute. It's been an interesting and extended journey. More on that soon.

A notebook on Frederick Douglass and Literary Crossroads NEH Institute

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