Monday, June 17, 2019

The many versions of Nikki Giovanni's Ego Tripping

Nikki Giovanni's poem "Ego Tripping" has an extended history with many printings and versions. The poem appeared in 1971 in Giovanni's volume Re: Creation (1970) and Truth Is On Its Way (1971). And the poem has appeared in several other contexts over the years.

What follows is a list of the different appearances the poem has had on YouTube.

Read by Giovanni
1971 version
1976 version
2012: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
2014: Albany State University
2014 Community High School of Arts and Academics -- Roanoke, Virginia

Alternative versions:
Video collage -- by ATBigger with 1971 version by Giovanni
Video collage -- to the tune of Erykah Badu
Video collage -- to the tune of Lauryn Hill
Video collage -- an English literature class team project
Audio mix -- by Briana Muñoz
3D animation -- by Sharri Plaza, with Giovanni reading

Read or performed by:
Erinn Anova from Blackalicious's album Nia (1999)
Venus Jones
• Venus Jones
Alexis Henry
Estari Powers
Becca M
Daughter of Adrian Cage
Sis Bilalah Muhammad
G. C. Denwiddie
Liz Long
Chloe Johnson

• Jamila Woods's "Giovanni" is inspired by "Ego Tripping"

A Notebook on Nikki Giovanni

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