Thursday, May 9, 2019

Black Graduation Celebration Spring 2019

What an event. On May 7, my colleagues Kelly Jo Karnes, Timothy Staples, Earleen Patterson, and I, along with assistance several other people and funding from the Office of Student Affairs, organized the black graduation celebration for upcoming graduates at SIUE. This was our 6th one. It was also our largest with 204 participating undergraduates and graduate students.

This year, we had African drumming to lead the processional. Undergraduate Braxton McCarroll gave the student speech. Staples, director of the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, offered words of wisdom to the graduates. Christopher Malone offered a song, and Naja Gbala wrote and performed a song, "Black Graudation" for the occasion. It was a wonderful event.

The photos are by SIUE university photographer Howard Ash.

Black Graduation Celebration Fall 2018
Black Graduation Celebration (Spring 2018)
Black Graduation Celebration (Fall 2017)
Black Graduation Celebration (Spring 2017)
Black Graduation Celebration (Spring 2016)

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